This is an ultimate masterlist of many resources that could be helpful for roleplayers/admins.
→ General
A Brief Guide to Tumblr Roleplaying
The Guidey-Thing
The Roleplayers Guide to Tumblr
101 on How to Tumblr Roleplay
The Roleplaying Sins
Joining Your First Roleplay
Masterlist of Roleplaying Definitions
Roleplay Terms
Lessons Every Roleplayer Should Learn
How to: Cut Posts
Avoiding the Three RP Pet Peeves
On Dashboard Etiquette
How Roleplaying on Tumblr Works
How to: Join the Roleplay
How to: Audition For a Roleplay
Basic Guide to RPing
→ Roleplay Types
The Ultimate Guide to 1x1 on Tumblr
How to: 1x1
How to: Set Up an 1x1 Account
Guide to One x One Roleplaying 
Independent Roleplaying
How to: Indie Roleplay
Guide to: Independent Roleplaying
How to: Be an Independent Roleplayer
→ Admin Help
General Admin Help
How to: Be A Good Admin
Guide to: Admins
Guide to: Adminning
Guide to: Answering Anon’s
Guide: Things To Do When Starting A Roleplay Group
Being a Polite & Professional Admin
How to: Make A Tumblr Roleplay (2)
How to: Answer Questions In A Professional Manner
How to: Be A Respectful But Loveable Admin
How to: Attract People To Your Roleplay
How to: Get Your RP Some Attention
How to: Make An ‘Applications’ Folder
Being an Helpful Co-Admin
Getting Your RP Some Attention
Creating Your Own Roleplay
Creating A Roleplay
How to: Decide Whether or Not To Accept An Application
Underused Cities And Towns
Masterlist: Settings
Unique Cities And Countries to Make Your Setting
Towns in America
List of English Cities
Countries from A-Z
Interesting Settings
Main Page

Roleplay Main Page
Making Your RPG User Friendly
Theme Set-Up
Keeping A RPG Main Clean

Rules Page

Rules Masterpost
Guide on: Rules Pages
Navigation Page

On Navi Pages

Why Graphics Are Important
Rant: Roleplay Graphics
How to: Make Character Graphics

Be Careful With Tags
On Tagging
How to: Tag
Tips to Proper Tagging

Things You Should Have Done Before You Start Promoting
Efficient Promoting
How to: Create A Promo Blog
Why Your Promotion Posts Should Be Short
A Thought On Promoting Your RP Too Early
Thoughts On How Succesful RP’s Happen
Promoting Male Characters

How to: Chose The Perfect Time Period
How to: Accept And Decline App’s
How to: Decline Someone Nicely
Defining Your Acceptance Guidelines
OOC Drama

Resolving Issues
Dealing With OOC Drama
Handling OOC Drama In Your RP

What To Do When Someone Is Copying You

Party & Events Ideas
Guide to: Setting Up A Roleplay Event
Event Ideas
Roleplay Events
Creating An RP Event

How to: Keep Up A RPG That Has Recently Started
How to: Keep Your Roleplay Alive
How to: Keep Your RP Fresh And Alive
Activity Question: What The Hell Does A Number Have To Do With Anything!?
What To Do When It Appears That Your Roleplay Has Died
How to: Fix An Inactive RP
Gossip Blog
How to: Run A Gossip Blog (2)
Specific Types Of Roleplays
Creating A Hollywood RP
Making A (Real) Hollywood RP
High School Cliques
Everything About Boarding Schools
The Many Challenges of Running An OC RP
Running An OC RP
→ Help For Roleplayers
How to: Create IC Drama
How to: Build Friendships In An RP
How to: Deal With Ships You Don’t Want
How to: Save GIF Hunts Easier
How to: Save GIF Hunts Without Killing Yourself
How to: Insert GIFS on Mobile
How to: Roleplay On Mobile
How to: Turn A Link Into A Text Post Manually
How to: Cut Your Posts From A Mobile Device
How to: Write A Phone Call
How to: Thread Para
How to: Cooperate With An Active Dash
Guide: Active Dash

This is an ultimate masterlist of many resources that could be helpful for roleplayers/admins.

→ General


→ Roleplay Types


Independent Roleplaying

→ Admin Help

General Admin Help


Main Page
Rules Page
Navigation Page


Gossip Blog

Specific Types Of Roleplays

→ Help For Roleplayers


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